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Book signing

At Malice Domestic, I was privileged to participate in my first book  signing. Friday night, we were arranged in page order along the table,  an assembly line of signing. I found myself between Charles Todd and  Kathryn O’Sullivan. The books slid along, everyone adding their mark. I  had great fun. Malice attendees gushed and thanked for having my  name added to their book. I wanted to tell them that the thanking  should be going the other way. Later Jane Cleland, Agatha award winning author and my guide through  this process accompanied by Paula Munier, my agent, stopped by my station on  their trek through the production line. They both know Charles. The picture that followed looked more like the mayhem of a wrestling match than the dignity of a book signing. Well it was a murder mystery convention. No weapons were displayed and no one was injured.  

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