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Welcome to my home page. Thanks for visiting.

My most recent short story, “The Measured Chest” will be published in the Malice Domestic 12: Mystery Most Historical. It’s now out in time for Malice Domestic 2017.

As a prosecutor for nearly 30 years, I met people from all walks of life: courageous crime victims and unsavory defendants. Some folks fell into their circumstances through bad luck and unfortunate timing. Some had their good sense blurred by drugs or alcohol. Others never had good sense to begin with. Each, however, brought an individual story that I was privileged to glimpse. Many of the people I met lived by an inarticulable personal code of conduct.  Sometimes, those personal moralities paralleled the law, sometimes not. Those codes fascinated me during my career as a prosecutor. They still do.

Whether contemporary or historical, the stories I like to tell are shaped by the men and women, good and bad, whom I have been privileged to encounter during my time in the courthouses of Texas.

I have become a regular contributor to the Murder Books Blog.

I am represented by Paula Munier of the Talcott Notch Literary Agency.