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Mystery Most Historical

Bella and I are both excited about the publication of The Measured Chest in Malice Domestic 12: Mystery Most Historical. The anthology was published yesterday in anticipation of the Malice Domestic conference next week. Although Bella won’t travel to Bethesda, Betty has agreed to trek up there in her place. There is the signing session on Thursday. It will be my first and I’m looking forward to it.  I also had fun talking about the story as part of Art Taylor’s blog in SleuthSayers. I will get to meet Paula Munier, my agent, face to face. Ours has been a relationship of emails and telephone calls to this point. It has been and continues to be a burst of firsts for me. In addition, I am anxious to visit again with Jane Cleland and Linda Landrigan, the friends who first introduced me to this mystery writing world. Before all that happens, I need to push a couple of mostly finished stories out the door and do a little magistration. Better get back to it.

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